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Welcome! The band is Vinny’s Last Ride or just VLR for short. We specialize in classic rock and pop and having fun. So kick off your shoes, put down the beer, grab your pretty woman and head for the dance floor! Vinny wants to party! Rock and roll . . .

Our very first album, check ‘er out!

Now available on iTunes!
Vinny's Last Ride - A Little Bit Crazy

Some new tracks for two new albums we are currently working on and hope to release in early 2014. Check ’em out too!


Dolls and Bikers

A Little Bit Crazy

Because iPads and iPhones don’t do Flash, I am reposting the Soundcloud version of the CD here which is in HTML 5 format.

Leon and Sean aka Julio. The first picture was taken by Leon’s father, Leo in 1967. The second picture was
taken by Leon’s son, John in 2011. Everything is a little older in the second picture: the stairs, the house . . .
but the boys are still rockin’ (and still a little bit crazy) after all these years!



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